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After years of development work, the Sauti Kuu Foundation opened the center, which will serve as a safe place to build up education and resources in the future

In the presence of numerous guests, partners and supporters, the sports, resources and training center of the Sauti Kuu Foundation was ceremonially opened on July 16, 2018 in Alego, Nyangoma in Siaya County, Kenya. The center offers education and training programs for young people and their families from rural areas, for personal development and sustainable environmental growth. “I am very happy to be able to open this center after many years of hard work; It is a safe and sheltered place for rural children and adolescents and their families, who can meet here regularly, improve their education and build resources, “Dr. Auma Obama, Chairman and CEO of the Sauti Kuu Foundation said.

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The solar system has arrived unharmed in Alego / Kenya. Now the installation, with the aid of efficient helpers, can be started. Auma Obama is self-evident on the ground in order to support actively in the construction. The picture shows the arrival of the solar system and Auma Obama when opening the truck.

The Transporters did a good Job. The Solar Panels arrived in Alego/Kenya safe. At the end of the first day, the batteries and consumers are installed.

Thanks to Peter Heidecker and Chorus GmbH. He sponsored the Solar System for sauti kuu. Sabine Altmann from greenvesting spent a lot of Time in organizing the Transport from Germany to Kenya. She is a very important partner to us. Thanks to Sabine Altmann and her Hausband for helping with the Installation.

At the end of the third day, everyone was happy about the first solar panels installed. The first step for a sustainable power and energy supply, in the sports and resource center of the Auma Obama Sauti Kuu Foundation, has been done.

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When Dr. Auma Obama established the Sauti Kuu Foundation, she had a vision: Young people should learn to take their lives into their own hands. This idea is taking concrete shape once more in Alego (Kenya): Since 2015, a Sport and Resource Centre for children and teens has been under construction in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). BMZ has secured more than half of the funding required for construction of the facility.

The Sauti Kuu Sport and Resource Centre will provide a meeting place for the youth of this rural region, and a place to provide a positive inspiration for the lives of these young people. The combination of sports and a wealth of educational vocational and educational offerings is designed to awaken their team spirit and foster the self-esteem to take their lives into their own hands.

Rural life in Africa is often marked by great poverty. Many young people yearn for a better life, move to the city – and wind up in one of the slums. The Sport and Resource Centre in Alego is an attempt to counteract this rural exodus by offering an alternative. It seeks to introduce young people to other opportunities to earn a living in their home region.

Young people visiting the Sport and Resource Centre have an opportunity to try out a variety of different sports and develop their talents. Workshops on personal development are planned as well. A library will provide access to books and other educational materials, as fostering a reading culture is an essential component of the concept. The young people will join work with partner businesses in vocational-training workshops that acquaint them with working life and its requirements, learning a trade and honing their social skills at the same time. The Centre will offer advice on health and socio-cultural issues as well.

With the aid of Sauti Kuu, children and young minors between the ages of 4 and 25 will become confident, financially independent and responsible members of their communities. The Centre will introduce them to the habits involved in taking on responsibility and exercising leadership. The aim is to promote a new form of rural life, in which education and training, self-reliance and a sustainable economic livelihood all go hand in hand.

To complete the construction of the Sports and Resource Centre, we need your support!

The account for donations to SKF:
IBAN: DE 91700202700015105865
Hypovereinsbank München

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Due to generous donation from Pelaba INVESTMENTGRUPPE and CHORUS Clean Energy AG from Munich, the Sports-, Resource- and Training Center in Alego will soon have its own solar power system which supplies the center with energy.

Solardach Invest GmbH, as part of the Greenvesting Group, is responsible for the construction of the establishment.

The transport from Germany to Kenya is sponsored by Kuehne + Nagel.

The solar system was shipped to Mombasa on 20th November 2016 and arrived there on 24th December 2016. The arrival of the facility in Alego is expected with excitement and anticipation!


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Dr. Auma Obama is the new supporter of RTL Telethon and is going to introduce the future project of Sauti Kuu and Together with RTL she is going to encourage donations. Everybody has the opportunity to donate by calling the hotline. Dr. Auma Obama by herself and other prominent mandates are going to answer the calls.

The future project is the creation of an educational center where children and young people in the rural Alego Nyang’oma in Kenya are to acquire important skills for shaping their future. This is intended to counteract the devastating land run that allows families and young people to flee to the city in the false hope of economic prosperity. an educational center, Sauti Kuu wants to create a platform for the people to create a livelihood in the country. “As early as possible, we want to prepare the children for a self-determined and successful future. We want to strengthen them to improve their situation on their own, “said Dr. Auma Obama.

The Telethon starts November 24th at 6.00pm and finishes on November 25th
at 6.00pm. It is a good opportunity for Dr. Auma Obama and Sauti Kuu to introduce the project -Education Centre for children and young people- to a broad public and to find new supporters.

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With this special project, donors and supporters can help Sauti Kuu with the completion of the sports and resource center in Alego. For a donation of at least 10,00€ you will receive a small Kenyan Christmas angel, which also can be a wonderful gift for a friend. The angels are handmade out of wood and straw.

The donations will help Sauti Kuu to finish the center, which will support children and young people in Alego on their way to a self-determined future through workshops, educational- and sports programs. Help us to realize the opening in March 2017 and get one of these special angels from kenya.
One angel costs 10.00€ plus shipping.


SKF bank account for donations:
Rec: Sauti Kuu Foundation
IBAN: DE 91700202700015105865
Hypovereinsbank München




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Donors and supporters of Sauti Kuu can now literally be part of our new sports and training center in Alego! With a donation of 250 euros, you receive an individualizable stone, which will be a part of our luminescent donor-wall together with other donor stones. Names, a corporate logo or a short message can be engraved in the stones so that they can also be used as a symbolic gift for friends, business partners or family members.
Every donor helps to complete the center, which will support children and young people in Alego on their way to a self-determined future through workshops, educational programs and sports programs. The opening is planned for March 2017!

You would like to help us you to complete this important project? Contact us at the following address and order your personalized stone. The label may contain 3 lines of 13 characters each.

SKF bank account for donations:
Rec: Sauti Kuu Foundation
IBAN: DE 91700202700015105865
Hypovereinsbank München



Our partner:


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Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach, Austria, has been a supporter of Sauti Kuu for years. Now, owner and operator Johann Haberl has offered a young man from Nairobi a very special glimpse into working life here: 19-year-old Desmond Herbert Muchoki is spending 2 months working as a trainee at the 4-star superior wellness hotel.

Whether it’s cooking in the gourmet health-food kitchen, preparing breakfast, making fine pastry specialities or working in day-to-day guest service – during his stay, the exuberant Desmond is familiarising himself with all of the areas of an established hotel. A world completely different to his daily life in his home country: Desmond grew up as a street child in Nairobi and lived with his mother and his two younger sisters in a small, corrugated-iron hut in a poor neighbourhood. Through the intercession of Sauti Kuu, hotelier Johann Haberl has already provided the teen with an apprenticeship as a baker – a skill the young man can use to earn a living in Nairobi.

Johann Haberl describes the reasons for his commitment: ‘Working with us, Desmond has an opportunity to gain experience in the upscale hotel sector. This will improve his chances of finding a job in his home country. Offering adolescents in Africa job prospects like this – enabling them to succeed in their own country, and stand on their own two feet – is very important to me personally’. The young man’s enthusiasm and curiosity, and the positive feedback on the part of guests at the Larimar, are confirmation of the hotelier’s decision.

In the effort to give other young people an opportunity to pursue their career dreams in their home country, we are looking for companies that would like to follow Johann Haberl’s example and can imagine offering a traineeship in their own company or some other form of support.

Spendenlauf Nov. 16

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Running with celebrities for a worthy cause – with this motto, a charity run was held on Saturday, 22 October 2016 around the primary and secondary school in Eckersdorf, Germany.
3,000 euros in donations generated by the runners will benefit Sauti Kuu.

The initiator of the sports event was marathon-runner Asha Noppeney, who at the age of seven lost a leg and is setting standards today with her dedication to sports. It was a point of honour for the Uganda native to run in the marathon herself. The same was true for Dr. Auma Obama, who was also full of enthusiasm and among the starters who braved the weather.

10 euros for each lap run

The route led around the grounds of the school in Eckersdorf. For children entering the charity run, laps were set at between 300 and 500 metres. Adults could choose between a length of two or five kilometres. Donations by participants or their sponsors were based on the number of laps completed. A highlight of the race was provided by Lena Gasanova, who ran the distance barefoot and with a hula hoop and even set a record for her feat!

Auma Obama und Tante E, Nov. 16

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In preparation for the presentation of the Act Now Youth Award 2017, Dr. Auma Obama met in Berlin with a genuine pioneer of commitment on behalf of street children in Germany: Gabi Egler – better known as ‘Tante E’ [‘Auntie E’]. For more than 25 years, the former tram conductor has dedicated her whole heart and soul on behalf of homeless children and teens in Leipzig.

With her association, Straßenkinder e.V. [‘Street Children’], every day Egler offers hot meals to more than 80 needy young people, provides them an opportunity to wash their laundry, and assists them in all aspects of their path to a structured life. The organisation has been in contact with Sauti Kuu for several years, and whenever Dr. Auma Obama visits Leipzig, she makes it a point to visit Egler’s domain at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 38. During their current meeting in Berlin, the two strong women discussed the possibilities of a cooperation between Straßenkinder e.V. and Sauti Kuu as part of a ‘You Are Your Future’ programme in Leipzig.

Straßenkinder e.V. is funded solely through donations. Known far beyond the boundaries of Leipzig, Gabi Egler has received several awards for her volunteer work. Her honours include the ‘Goldene Henne’ [‘Golden Hen’] audience award, in the Charity category.

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On 27 July 2016, nearly 25,000 spectators watched the ‘Champions for Charity’ football tournament held in honour of Michael Schumacher in the Opel Arena in Mainz – and Sauti Kuu was on hand live for the action! In a match lasting 75 minutes, international sports stars on the ‘Dirk Nowitzki All-Stars’ team faced off against the ‘Nationale Piloti’, a racing driver side headed by Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel. With a total of 15 goals – including efforts by Lukas Podolski, Gerald Asamoah, Simon Rolfes, Sebastian Vettel, Mika Häkkinen and Mick Schuhmacher – this was a highly exciting and entertaining match, one that gave athletes an opportunity to demonstrate their talents in a special way.

Dirk Nowitzki also demonstrated his humour and inventiveness in in the closing stages of the game by reprising Italian national player Simone Zaza’s feat in the European Cup 2016 semi-finals, spectacular shooting a penalty kick over the goal. ‘I wanted to make it Italian-style and wound up with the same result’, Nowitzki quipped. The consequences of the 2.13-metre-tall giant’s shot were far less serious, though: The ‘Dirk Nowitzki All-Stars’ won the match, 9:6!

The evening was just as successful for Daniel Kreitz: As part of an auction for the benefit of Sauti Kuu, supported by the Auction Portal ‘United Charity’, he had purchased 2 advance VIP tickets to the sporting event at auction. That gave him the opportunity to make a dream come true and meet basketball star Dirk Nowitzki in person!


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Summer is the high season for golf. And so on Saturday, 23 July 2016, Dr. Auma Obama, too, ventured out onto the links at the Gut Thailing golf course near Munich. There, Auma Obama joined 90 VIP guests pitched and putted in competition with one another at the first I’m Living Immobilien Charity Golf Cup – with terrific results: at the auction following the tournament, the guests opened up their hearts and their wallets to raise an incredible 35,500 euros for a worthy cause.

The entire proceeds of the day went to the Sauti Kuu Foundation. The packages coming under the hammer at the auction included a vacation to Mauritius, a weekend in a Rolls-Royce complete with chauffeur, a designer evening gown and 2 VIP tickets to a Champions League match featuring FC Bayern München. Presenters at the auction were folk music stars Marianne and Michael, who admitted to being admirers of the Sauti Kuu founder: ‘We’ve known Auma Obama ever since she appeared as a guest on our TV show, “Liebesgrüße”, several years ago, and we admire her great commitment very much!’

The tournament began, however, with a minute of silence, which Auma Obama had requested in honour of the victims of the shooting rampage that had shaken Munich the evening before. ‘I arrived in Munich last night at 2:30 a.m., and I, too, was deeply affected by all of this’, she explained. ‘Golf is actually a cheerful thing, but something terrible has happened, so today we want to remember the people affected with a minute of silence,’ Obama said. ‘We must pay far more attention to our young people. And we have to ask ourselves why they no longer see prospects for the future in their lives.’

The money collected at the event will benefit the construction of the Sport, Resource & Vocational Training Centre in Alego (Kenya). For children and young people between the ages of 4 to 25, the Centre will offer sports opportunities, a computer room and a vocational training centre designed to help them find their own way and earn their own money.

And Auma Obama was delighted not only at the high amount of the donation: in spite of her late-night arrival and lack of experience playing golf, she played the entire round and delivered a very respectable 4th-place finish!

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‘Do good and talk about it’ – that was the motto of the charity dinner featuring guest of honour Harald Glööckler that was held Friday 22 July 2016, at Solitude Palace in Stuttgart. The host of the gala event was the Eppli Auction House, which had purchased this top event at auction in March as part of the 20th-anniversary festivities of the Stuttgart Kiwanis Club.

For multi-talent and fashion czar Glööckler, the opportunity to support charitable projects for children with his presence made the evening’s event a special affair of the heart: for the traditional firm, the meet & greet with the fashion designer was worth a full 10,000 euros; the amount went the Sauti Kuu Foundation, for the benefit of needy children. Even the trip to his former home town was clearly a source of joy for the effervescent creative genius: ‘I love Stuttgart, the Swabians, the dialect, Swabian cosiness and the good food.’ It was here, in 1987, that the designer opened ‘Jeans Garden’, his first fashion shop. Today, he is a lecturer at a fashion institute: Modeschule Kehrer in Stuttgart.

Attended by 25 invited guests, including Dr. Auma Obama, the stylish evening set against the magnificent backdrop of the palace offered attendees the perfect surroundings for interesting conversations, surprise encounters – and, of course, various culinary delicacies.

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Meeting inspiring people, relax over a round of golf and doing something good at the same time: All this is possible at the Cleven & Auma Obama Invitational (CAOI)!
From 13- 15 June 2016, it was time to ‘golf for a worthy cause’ at spectacular Brunnwies golf course, a facility designed by Bernhard Langer and regarded as one of the most beautiful courses in Europe. As part of the Porsche European Open, the charity tournament raised donations for social projects. Proceeds from the event benefited the Sauti Kuu Foundation and the Cleven Foundation in equal measure. Under the motto ‘Together we are stronger’, through this unique event the two organisations joined forces to generate special support for projects dear to their hearts. For whether Kenya or Germany, both foundations pursue the same aim: to help children and young people shape their futures.

In addition to the golf tournament, there was a special highlight: Dr. Auma Obama was a guest at the charity dinner and offered the more than 100 hand-picked guests exciting insights into her foundation work. Under the motto of ‘Helping people help themselves’, she has developed her very own response to the refugee crisis. With the Sauti Kuu Foundation, she seeks to show children, young people and families ways of making more effective use of their resources and potentials.

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It was likely the biggest kick-off the Sauti Kuu Foundation has ever held for a project: On 23 April 2016, before more than 10,000 spectators, Dr. Auma Obama presented the initiative ‘You Are Your Future:  Du bis Ding Zokunf – wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?’. The starting signal was sounded at a concert by the cult band Höhner in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. The Cologne band headed by front man Henning Krautmacher has ranked among the supporters of Sauti Kuu for some time, now. Together with ‘Grenzenlos’, a chorus of young refugees of different nationalities, the band sang the song ‘Erhebt Eure Stimmen!’. The rousing anthem had been written specially for Sauti Kuu by songwriter Sebastian Hamer, who was naturally in attendance at the event, together with RTL presenter Wolfram Kons.

With the ‘Du bis Ding Zokunf’ project, Auma Obama is continuing her proven ‘You Are Your Future’ workshop series in Cologne, which shows young people from socially disadvantaged families ways of taking their fate into their own hands. ‘As they continue to grow. we want to let young people know that they, too, are a valuable part of society and can make something of their lives. In our workshops, we help them develop individual initiative, strengthen skills and discover their talents’, Dr. Auma Obama explains. Theatre, art and sports, along with the fun and enjoyment of togetherness, play an essential role in the workshops, which are set to be extended to other cities in Germany in future. In this sense, the kick-off event with the Höhner concert marked the Germany-wide starting signal for more ‘You Are Your Future’ workshops!
Dr. Auma Obama was especially delighted to have won the support of the Höhner, and of Henning Krautmacher in particular, as sponsors for her project: ‘I’m incredibly grateful for their support and the great and moving kick-off for our initiative!’. The concert was broadcast via livestream, to reach as many people as possible and to draw attention to the work of Sauti Kuu.

If you, too, would like to become a part of our exciting and important projects, please click here for further information!

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 “You Are Your future: Du bis ding zokunf – wenn nicht jetzt wann dann”

Köln, Deutschland

Project Idea

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Sylvia Sabarth reports on her time with Sauti Kuu in Kenya
20 Juli to 8 Oktober 2012

My fist trip to Kenya was in 2009 when I visited my extended family with my parents. I was able to see a lot and enjoyed exploring the country, which was new to me. But I some how never quite felt that I was actually there. My second trip was very different. I was there longer and really got a chance to experience the country and people. I tried out delicious cuisine, met great people and got a lot of work experience. I loved it!

I immediately fell in love with the Sauti Kuu office. It is situated on one of the longest and liveliest streets of Nairobi, Ngong Road. Despite this fact one had a sense of the outdoors, thanks to a huge fig tree that our office window overlooked. It was possible to watch the comings and goings of a large variety of birds. The then (still quite small) team welcomed me with open arms and managed within seconds to make me forget how nervous I was. I was embarking on a new episode of my life (I had just finished high school). This was easy in the warm and friendly environment.

My first task was small. I was asked to update the profile information of all Sauti Kuus beneficiaries. Eventually I was given more responsibility and was allowed to update our Partners on the status of projects, coordinate the exchange of photos and information for the development of a project concept. I also supported our Edc Program Project Manager, Wachuka Njuguna, with some areas of her work – at least I tried to. It is not possilb to list all of what I did at Sauti Kuu, but I would like to highlight a few of the experiences I had.

First and foremost; dealing with the Microsoft program ‘Excel’! It sounds unbelieveable, but despite 12 years of high school and successfully completing my final exams, I had not once used Excel! Now after three months of “learning by doing”, I have no problems conjuring up Budgets or workplans on Excel that actually add up!

Another great experience was observing and taking in how efficiently the Organisation operated. Before coming to Sauti Kuu I had never worked in an office. The only experience I had with deskwork was the few times at school, when I would get seriously studious and desk bound. I had to learn to be disciplined, organized and set priorities. At the latest all tasks needed to be completed by the weekend. As far as I can judge, these skills will help me and work to my advantage when I, following the internship, persue my studies at the Univerity.

Of course I did not spend all three months just in the office. I was lucky enough to also be able to travel the counry and see not just Western Kenya but also the Kenyan coast. I visited Mombasa, the Tsavo National Park, Alego (where Sauti Kuu implements its work) und Kisumu, on the shores of Lake Victoria. It would again be too much to try to list all the highlights of these trips. I fell in love with the most generous of people in the whole world, with the scenery (most have seen pictures, but the reality is breadthtaking) and, yes, the food. The first thing I would advise potential visitors to Kenya is to be prepared to travel back home with at leaset two kilos more than they came with. Few can resist the magical taste of of Chapati, Mandazi, Mukimo, Nyama Choma, Samosas, Ugali and lots of other tasty Kenyan dishes.

I would really love to be able to convey even more clearly than I have done, how special the memories of this time are for me. This would have not been so if not for the people who accompanied me on this journey in those three months. Thank you Wacu, for going out of your way to show me and help me understand how Kenya ‘ticks’. Thank you Patricia, Atieno and Cathy for the many lunch picknicks we had in the office. You all managed to create an atmosphere of harmony and warmth befitting for a good working environment. But most of all: Thank you Auma, for giving me this opportunity to contribute in my small way to the amazing work being done by the organization. Thank you for being a great boss – tough but caring. I will miss you all and hope to be back soon. Or better said in NGO speak: My WORKPLAN anticipates that my BUDGET will improve and thus allow me to return ASAP!

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The Sauti Kuu Banda is situated directly off the main Ndori to Ngi’ya Road in Alego, Siaya. What is the Banda? It is from where Sauti Kuu operates and a safe space that offers young people a platform to meet and interact. These regular meetings serve as an outlet to discuss the day-to-day challenges and problems of young people in the rural area (Alego), to pro-actively come up with possible solutions. The space also serves as a recreational space where children and youth can engage in fun games and activities.

Construction works on the site was started on 6th April 2011. Sauti Kuu worked closely with Architecture for Humanity (AFH) facilitators on the design of The Banda. The idea was to work with the young people to integrate their expected uses of the Banda, the environment around the Banda and what the Banda would symbolize to come up with an appropriate design. The Sauti Kuu Youth attended AFH design workshops and discussions and completed a series of basic design sketches and building models that were then developed by Architecture for Humanity.

The end result was two buildings; one a pavilion (The Banda) that allows approximately 50 young people to meet for activities or workshops, and the second, with an office, storage room, small kitchenette and lounge area, as well as two guest rooms that are used to house Sauti Kuu staff during workshops. All the buildings were equipt with water tanks to enable harvesting of rainwater and a centralized filtration system was installed to provide drinking water. The use of wood for the high ceilings has optimized ventilation and keeps the buildings naturally cool despite the warm weather conditions of the area. Most of the work on the buildings was done using physical labour, with minimal use of motorized machinery.

An opening ceremony was performed on 7 June 2012 with local contributors, design team, clients and the Sauti Kuu Youth in attendance. The ceremony received special guests for the ribbon cutting: local elder Mama Sara Obama, the Village Chief and Local School Principal and Agricultural Council members – all who made speech contributions welcoming and praising the Banda centre and the projects that Sauti Kuu is endeavoring to undertake with the youth over the next few years for the benefit of the wider community .

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Signed by the US-Prasident Barack Obama and the only one of its kind! The ball was made by the non-profit organization Alive & Kicking, which is based in Kenya, and was donated by Willi Lemke, Ex-Prasident of the Werder Bremen football club and Sauti-Kuu Board Member. The proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting the work of the Sauti Kuu Foundation, whos mission it is to provide a platform for children and young people from economically deprived backgrounds to realize their potential and, despite the many challenges that they face, improve their lives and become responsible, financially independent young adults. All monies received from the ball will go 100% towards fulfilling this mission. Dr Auma Obama will personally hand over the ball to the winner.

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Finally on the 1st of Februar 2013 the Sauti Kuu Foundatin and the company REHAU were able to inaugurate the pilot biogas system, Homegas 0.2. This although the filling of the system with cow dung (to create gas) had only been completed six days before. Luckily in that time enough gas had been created so that the guest at the inauguration ceremony were able to see the stove light up with a bright red and blue flame as the system was tested.

Everyone was very curious about the system and many question were asked, that were promptly answered by the Sauti Kuu young people involved in the project. The same young people presented the project and explained how the biogas system worked and was maintained.

Over the 2 year period of the project and after a challenging test run with the Homegas 01, a total of four functionable biogas systems (Homegas 02) were finally installed; two in the homes of Sauti Kuu youth, one at the local primary school, and one at the Banda, the Sauti Kuu Program site.

In total more than 80 Sauti Kuu young people, their parents and community members were present at the inauguration. It was a great event and everyone was very proud of the performance of the Sauti Kuu youth!

A special ‘Thank you’ goes to all who participated in the project and worked extra hard to make it a success.

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Larimar Charity Gala

On Saturday 8th June 2013 the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach, Austria, held an exclusive Fundraising-Dinner for the Sauti Kuu Foundation. The evening’s program included a duo performance by Dietmar Kerschbaum, Opera singer and Director of the J:opera (Tabor Castle in Südburgenland) and the Soprano singer Renate Pitscheider. Elisabeth Pratscher and Branda Rein also entertained the guests with a performance by the children’s choir ‘Children from Suedburgenland sing for children in Africa and the whole world’.

Auma Obama thanked the 140 guests as the hotel owner Johann Haberl presented her with a cheque for 28.400 Euros. The sale of works exhibited by the artist Frau Prof. Annemarie Marte-Moosbrugger was also added to the amount received.

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For the third year in a row the Sauti Kuu Foundation was honored with a cheque of 20.000 Euros at the GRK Golf Charity Masters and Fundraising-Dinner event in Leipzig Germany. Steffen Göpel, CEO of GRK, presented Auma Obama with the cheque . At the first gala an additional 10,000 Euros was presented to Sauti Kuu by a private person who on that same day celebrated with this gesture his engagement to his partner.

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Ecologically sustainable fashion does not have to look ‘green’ (considered ‘drab’) to be sustainable. Ecologically sustainable fashion and glamour are not exclusive of each other – not in the least. It can also be attractive, sexy and diverse. This was the case at the Lavera ShowFloor event, where a total of 8.500 visitors were treated to the works of 12 Fashion Designer, who showcased their Eco-Fashion collections between the 15 and 17 of January 2014.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of a cheque for 25.000 Euro to Auma Obama, for her Foundation Sauti Kuu, by Klara Ahlers, the Lavera Founder and CEO. Special guest at the event was the German-Cameronian Designer Arrey Kono Enow a long-standing friend of Auma Obama, who delighted the spectators with a funky, extraordinarily dynamic and zealious collection.

The Lavera Showfloor Eco-Fashion event was on its third run, once again taking place during the July Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. At this event labels from German, the UK and the USA were presented.

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Dr Auma Obama was the recipient of the 2014 10th Prix Courage Award, that is presented yearly by the French luxury cosmetic company Clarins und the German TV programme “MonaLisa” to deserving women doing exceptional work with disadvantaged, sick or neglected children and young people.

The prize money goes towards supporting the work of the receipient. It enables her to help her beneficieries, through her Foundation, Sauti Kuu, to get out of their difficult soci-economic situations to give them the chance of a better future. Dr. Auma Obama was presented with the Prix Courage on October 15, 2014, in Munich for her work. “ML Mona Lisa” followed this up with a TV report on October 18, 2014, showcasing Dr Obama’s work.

In 1996 Jacques Courtin-Clarins, founder of the French luxury cosmetic company Clarins, first awarded the “Prix de la Femme Dynamisante” in Paris. The award was named after Clarin’s legendery fragrance and body treatment “Eau Dynamisante”, that at the time was celebrating its 10th year on the market.

In 1995 the popular German TV programme ‘Mona Lisa’ started to celebrate women, who were doing exceptional work helping disadvantaged children. They were honoured as “ML – Woman of the Year” and celebrated on the TV programme. In 2004 Clarins und ML Mona Lisa decided to merge their initiatives and in 2005 the Prix Courage Award was presented for the first time in Germany.

Each winner is presented with a cheque for 20.000 Euros and continues to get a small amount of financial help for their work each year afterwards.

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The Sauti Kuu Foundation is now a member of the Boost network. With each Internet purchase you can now support the work of the Foundation. All you need to do is install Boost on your browser. The Boost-Bar will automatically appear when you visit a Boost Partnershop. With each purchase a small amount of the sale price will go to a Marketing-Provision, of which Boost will pass on 90% of the sale amount to a non-profit of your choice.

Over 20.000 online-users have already installed a Boost-Bar, and more than 500 shops are signed up as Boost partners. They include Amazon, Dawanda, German National Rail, the German Post Office, Fressnapf, Lieferando, Mirapodo, Otto und Zooplus.

Boost is a limited liability Social Business (GmbH) based in Berlin, Germany. The company was founded February 2012 by Benjamin Vahle and Frank Eckert. It’s vision: To make doing good so easy that it becomes routine.

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Sauti Kuu Youth were welcomed at the Kenya Airways headquarters where they were introduced to the plane they would be traveling in to Germany, a Boeing 787. How cool is that? A big Thank You to Chris Diaz and the Kenya Airways team for their hospitality and a wonderful and unforgettable visit!

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“Dream big dreams!” U.S. President Barack Obama encourages winners
of the 2015 Act Now Youth Awards at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Praise where praise is due! At the first ever Act Now Youth Awards ceremony at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin, Dr. Auma Obama and Europe’s largest show theatre honoured dedicated young people for their voluntary work. 1,900 invited guests from media, sport, culture, politics, business and social organisations celebrated the nominees’ impressive achievements. They also spoke out for humanity and integration, and above all against hatred and xenophobia.

U.S. President Barack Obama sent his personal greetings from Washington to Berlin: “Robert F. Kennedy once said: “It is a revolutionary world we live in, and it is young people who must take the lead.” Congratulations to the winners of the Act Now Youth Awards. Dream big dreams!’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel also praised the prize-winners: “Stay active. Keep at it, with confidence, strength and stamina. I wish you every success.”

The Sustainability award went to the youth enterprise Namaste Nepal S-GmbH, based at the Geschwister-Scholl high school in Freiberg, Saxony. Namaste provides assistance to the small Nepalese mountain village of Gati, where it carries out its activities in partnership with the local population. Following the recent earthquake, Namaste has so far collected € 264,000 for the reconstruction of the village. The youth enterprise is a highly successful social business in the tradition of Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed Yunus, said award presenter Nena. Namaste shows that sustainability can be ‘profitable’, not only in a capitalist sense, but especially for young people in Nepal who have been fighting for survival and for their future following the devastating earthquake.

Young people who serve as outstanding role models were nominated for the Innovation award. The chosen winner was the initiative [U25] – Jugendliche helfen Jugendlichen, a project in which young people provide support to people of their own age who are at risk of suicide. Counselling is offered via a web platform. The approach of helping those at risk of suicide by offering a robust personal relationship, and using the internet as a communication tool, is an innovative one and clearly qualifies the nominees for the Innovation award, said Philipp Laude, Matthias Roll and Oðuz Yýlmaz of YouTube trio YTitty. The project has now led to more [U25] groups being set up in other cities. “It is almost a movement already. This project sets an impressive motivational example.”

Devrim Emre from Berlin received the Inspiration award, along with the specially created trophy by designer Jette Joop, on behalf of the Heroes group. ‘Devrim has become a mighty hero in the prevention project Against Oppression in the Name of Honour, because he has displayed extraordinary commitment at many levels of the project, is always first in line during some quite dangerous missions, and is able to question himself too,’ Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine lauded the 18-year-old. Devrim and the Heroes are standard-bearers for tolerance and human rights, and a perfect example to inspire other kids and young people – after all we still need lots of heroes, Meine affirmed.

The Special award went to 22-year-old Himn Brimo from Syria, who escaped to Germany after a bomb attack on his university in Aleppo. ‘He is a truly special person among the many young people who get involved with helping refugees, immigrants and socially disadvantaged people. He has really earned this award,’ declared presenter Ralf Moeller. Himn Brimo has set a shining example and demonstrated that a welcoming culture is not just a German concern, added Dr. Auma Obama. Following traumatic war experiences and with plenty to keep him occupied as he settles into a new culture, learns a language and studies architecture, in a single year the 22-year-old managed to devote 900 volunteer hours to helping children, young people and particularly refugees. Auma Obama: “He has shown in a wonderful way how voluntary work can benefit you as a person.” “Thanks to serving as a volunteer I have made new friends and found a new home in Germany”, the prize-winner stated.

For the Hero award, the jury was able to propose nominees or choose from the pool of submissions. Presented by football icon Jens Lehmann, the award went to the children’s and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet, incepted in 2007 by then-nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner from Pähl in Bavaria. While researching a school project on the climate crisis, he heard about Kenyan environmental activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, whose movement has planted 30 million trees. Felix had a vision that children could plant one million trees in every country on earth. Plant-for-the-Planet became a worldwide movement in 2009 at the UNEP youth conference in South Korea, when several hundred children from 56 countries joined the project. Since then, it has developed into an international network of young world citizens who campaign for climate justice. 100,000 children in more than 100 countries are now active, and 14 billion trees have been planted to date.

Guests attending the awards ceremony included Oscar-winner Arthur Cohn, Sabine Christiansen, Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, Nikeata Thompson, Axel Schulz, Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, Willi Lemke, Britta Steffen, Ludger Pistor, Maren Gilzer, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Maxi Arland, Keisha Buchanan, Gitte Haenning, Henning Krautmacher, Angelika Milster and Barbara Meier.