With this special project, donors and supporters can help Sauti Kuu with the completion of the sports and resource center in Alego. For a donation of at least 10,00€ you will receive a small Kenyan Christmas angel, which also can be a wonderful gift for a friend. The angels are handmade out of wood and straw.

The donations will help Sauti Kuu to finish the center, which will support children and young people in Alego on their way to a self-determined future through workshops, educational- and sports programs. Help us to realize the opening in March 2017 and get one of these special angels from kenya.
One angel costs 10.00€ plus shipping.


SKF bank account for donations:
Rec: Sauti Kuu Foundation
IBAN: DE 91700202700015105865
Hypovereinsbank München

Email: info@sautikuufoundation.org