‘Do good and talk about it’ – that was the motto of the charity dinner featuring guest of honour Harald Glööckler that was held Friday 22 July 2016, at Solitude Palace in Stuttgart. The host of the gala event was the Eppli Auction House, which had purchased this top event at auction in March as part of the 20th-anniversary festivities of the Stuttgart Kiwanis Club.

For multi-talent and fashion czar Glööckler, the opportunity to support charitable projects for children with his presence made the evening’s event a special affair of the heart: for the traditional firm, the meet & greet with the fashion designer was worth a full 10,000 euros; the amount went the Sauti Kuu Foundation, for the benefit of needy children. Even the trip to his former home town was clearly a source of joy for the effervescent creative genius: ‘I love Stuttgart, the Swabians, the dialect, Swabian cosiness and the good food.’ It was here, in 1987, that the designer opened ‘Jeans Garden’, his first fashion shop. Today, he is a lecturer at a fashion institute: Modeschule Kehrer in Stuttgart.

Attended by 25 invited guests, including Dr. Auma Obama, the stylish evening set against the magnificent backdrop of the palace offered attendees the perfect surroundings for interesting conversations, surprise encounters – and, of course, various culinary delicacies.