Dr. Auma Obama is the new supporter of RTL Telethon and is going to introduce the future project of Sauti Kuu and Together with RTL she is going to encourage donations. Everybody has the opportunity to donate by calling the hotline. Dr. Auma Obama by herself and other prominent mandates are going to answer the calls.

The future project is the creation of an educational center where children and young people in the rural Alego Nyang’oma in Kenya are to acquire important skills for shaping their future. This is intended to counteract the devastating land run that allows families and young people to flee to the city in the false hope of economic prosperity. an educational center, Sauti Kuu wants to create a platform for the people to create a livelihood in the country. “As early as possible, we want to prepare the children for a self-determined and successful future. We want to strengthen them to improve their situation on their own, “said Dr. Auma Obama.

The Telethon starts November 24th at 6.00pm and finishes on November 25th
at 6.00pm. It is a good opportunity for Dr. Auma Obama and Sauti Kuu to introduce the project -Education Centre for children and young people- to a broad public and to find new supporters.