Granary and Junior cooperative project

Better store, better live – a grain store for Alego


Cereal damage, such as fungus and insect infestation caused by incorrect storage, is one of the main problems of agriculture in rural Kenya. To protect small farmers from these dangers, the Sauti Kuu Foundation has built a grain storage facility in Alego Nyangoma as part of the Grow To Eat and Grow To Earn project.
The store is available to the families to properly store their agricultural products before they are placed on the market. In addition, the families receive guidance on how to professionally pack, distribute, transport and profitably market their products.

The storage space has been designed to maintain a cool and constant temperature and to prevent crop damage. The storage of goods takes place either in the short term, for transport to the market, or in the long term before the drought period, in order to rule out a shortage of foodstuffs and ensure a basic supply throughout the year.

For the smallholder families in Alego Nyangoma, the plant makes a valuable contribution to the livelihood because it can ensure a good quality of the goods and the sales on the markets of the region bring higher yield. In addition, children and young people learn how to organize as a cooperative and bring goods together to the market, so that everyone can benefit from it.

In addition to coaching in storage and transportation, Sauti Kuu offers a training in financial literacy training. According to age, the small farmers’ families learn all the fundamentals of money management to help them and their dependents to the greatest possible financial security. This also includes saving for the long-term securing of the existence.


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