Showcase garden

The Sauti Kuu showcase gardens are learning projects for children and teens, their families and the entire community. The plants grown in these seasonal gardens include local vegetables such as cowpeas, varieties of green cabbage, black nightshade, cabbage, onions, peppers, pumpkin, okra, houseleeks, coriander, spider plant and moringa.

The field crops cultivated here are peanuts, watermelon, soy beans, local varieties of maize, sorghum and sesame seeds, as well as fruits such as tangerines, oranges, mangoes, bananas, avocados, custard apples, mulberries, papayas and guavas. There are even palm trees growing on the Sauti Kuu grounds, demonstrating the full range of possibilities. Sativa grass is planted in different areas throughout the garden to help retain rainwater.

In the course of training in the Sauti Kuu showcase gardens, children, teens and their families learn all about various crop plants and their cultivation techniques.

In the process, Sauti Kuu furnishes them with the basics of organic farming, using natural fertilizers and composting to improve soil texture – a measure already important in light of the fact that the families have no funds with which to purchase chemical fertilizers or manipulated seeds season after season.

Sauti Kuu also has a nursery in which it raises trees such as the South African eucalyptus, English oak, jacaranda, moringa, and a variety of fruit trees. Sale of these trees to local communities generates income. The SKF Sustainable Economic Growth Team teaches young people how they themselves can start a nursery, so that they, took can earn money with a nursery of their own.

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