Sport-, Resources- and Educationcenter

Alego, Kenya


‘Use what you have to get what you need’ – that is the motto of Sauti Kuu. We want to teach young people to use their local resources to help themselves. Sauti Kuu offers adolescents mental and physical space designed to help them identify their talent and develop their potential. For children who have left the school system, Sauti Kuu seeks to broker internships and trainee positions. In the experience of many years of work in the humanitarian field, Dr. Obama has found that young people do indeed seize the opportunity to improve their situation in life and bring the necessary self-confidence to their work as well. Giving young people the knowledge and the self-confidence they need to find their own way: that is the aim of Sauti Kuu.


Personality Development

The aim of this programme is to build the self-awareness and self-esteem of young people while promoting motivation and perseverance. The tools used for this include personal training, education workshops and sports, as well as creative activities such as dance, music and theatre. The focus is also upon the development of personal and social communication and leadership skills.



Sauti Kuu offers tutoring, school sponsorship, training projects and

career counselling. Users of the education and training programme of Sauti Kuu are young people from very poor backgrounds. With the aid of sponsors, Sauti Kuu awards scholarships that allow these young people to attend secondary school or receive school-leaving qualifications.



A core task of Sauti Kuu is to promote sustainable economic development in the rural region of Kenya. This is done by showing farming families how they can improve their financial situation and become economically independent. This includes not only money-management skills but also a responsible approach to the environment in the form of projects that convey knowledge about cultivation techniques, livestock breeding and water management.

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