Workshop series: ‘You are your future. Lust for life rather than frustration with life’

Tutzingen, Germany


‘Use what you have to get what you need’ – that is the motto of Sauti Kuu. The aim is to teach young people to use their local resources to help themselves. Sauti Kuu offers adolescents mental and physical space designed to help them identify their talent and develop their potential. For children who have left the school system, Sauti Kuu seeks to broker internships and trainee positions. In the experience of many years of work in the humanitarian field, Dr. Obama has found that young people do indeed seize the opportunity to improve their situation in life and bring the necessary self-confidence to their work as well. Giving young people the knowledge and the self-confidence they need to find their own way: that is the aim of Sauti Kuu.

Kick-off of the workshop series in Tutzing


Under the motto ‘You Are Your Future – Lust for Life Rather than Frustration with Life’, in 2014 the Sauti Kuu Foundation Germany launched a workshop series for young people from the ages of 12 through 21. The kick-off event was held on 2 and 3 November 2014 in Tutzing, on Lake Starnberg, and was met with consistently positive feedback. In putting the programme together, care was taken to ensure that the offerings would reflect the interests of the target group: young people from the ages of 12 through 21 from disadvantaged backgrounds. From music and creative work to sport, the young people in attendance had an opportunity to try out a very wide array of disciplines, testing their own skills and to discover new talents in themselves.

The workshop

When carrying out the workshops and activities, great importance attaches to ensuring that participating youths, some of whom have been traumatised, are attentively addressed in ways that correspond to their current development. They are guided and motivated to recognise their strengths. Care is taken to ensure that the focus of the workshops selected is on the areas promoted by the foundation: personal development, health, education, sport and economic independence. The objective of these workshops, which are coordinated with one another, is to offer young participants in-depth insights into different areas of everyday work, and to provide participants with new perspectives.

Objectives of the workshop

In addition to a strengthening of practical skills, the objectives of the workshop also include conveying the values that are crucial to peaceful coexistence. Young people are invited to learn to enter into new relationships and to form new ties, and to take responsibility for themselves and others. Working together fosters a new sense of self-esteem. This furnishes young people insights into adult life while at the same time offering a variety of ideas for future careers.

The following objectives provide the foundation for the workshops:

Giving courage, promoting individual initiative, offering prospects for the future

Conveying values

The fun and joy of togetherness

Access to culture and education

Vocational orientation

The workshop process, taking the Tutzing workshop as an example

The two-day workshop at the Evangelische Akademie in Tutzing launched the workshop series, bringing together young people from all over Germany. A two-hour kick-off event was held the evening of participants’ arrival and set the tone for proceedings in the two days to come. On the days of the workshop – Sunday, 2 November, and Monday, 3 November 2014 – the programme began at 8:30 a.m. and ended at 9:00 p.m. The programme consisted of workshops in the areas of personal development, art, culture, design, fashion, music and sport.




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