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Sauti Kuu helps children and teens improve their social skills, in the process acquiring social behaviour that shapes their character while strengthening their self-confidence and self-esteem. A focus is on combating the victim mentality that prevails among disadvantaged children, adolescents and their families. The aim is to impart a sense of responsibility that places those affected in a position to become part of the decision-making process that determines their future.

One of the first activities of the Sauti Kuu Foundation was to hold a workshop in which teens from rural Alego (in western Kenya) discussed strategies and ways in which the Foundation could bring a positive inspiration to their lives.

This was a brainstorming session around topics such as young people’s potential and the contribution they can make on behalf of the community. The main focus of the workshop was to develop an action plan for Sauti Kuu that can help young people to gain economic independence for themselves while doing something to benefit their communities at the same time.

The teens worked out the following topics over the course of the discussion:

  • promoting self-realisation and individual responsibility
  • opportunities to encourage education and create jobs
  • environmental protection and environmental management
  • promotion of peer learning (in which young people are taught by young instructors) on topics of health and HIV/AIDS education, nutrition counselling, sexual behaviour and relationships
  • promotion of one’s own culture

The education and training programme is intended to help children and teens earn a school-leaving qualifications. For those who have left the school system and can no longer be integrated, Sauti Kuu provides internships and trainee positions. Sauti Kuu seeks sponsors for young people who have attained above-average school-leaving qualifications and aspire to study at a college or university.

Sauti Kuu gives needy young people the chance to advance their education and vocational training. This gives them the opportunity to develop their full potential and achieve their goals. Sauti Kuu also pays the school fees for these children and adolescents and offers them training in life skills as well as a library service.

Sauti Kuu makes an effort to motivate teens living in rural areas and to improve their career prospects. They will learn how they harness their potential and their energy to learn skills that open the way for employment or a course of training. Vocational training focusses not on the acquisition of skills alone, but also shows teens how they can put what they have learned to practical use, for instance improving their living conditions through the use of locally available resources. The training is aimed particularly at young people without training or a job.

The Sauti Kuu training system is heavily focussed on the practical aspects of the various apprenticeship occupations, but also on training in soft skills, especially in the field of work ethics. It aims to provide a solid foundation and an entrepreneurial sense while preparing the participants for the labour market.

The Sauti Kuu approach is a practice-oriented educational system. This is an alternative system that systematically introduces practical experience to training right from the outset. It offers a unique combination of practice with the theoretical foundations of learning. Practical expertise is promoted based on the principle of ‘learning by doing’ while competence and competitiveness in the labour market are ensured.

Roughly 80% of the training consists of practical learning under normal working conditions, supplemented with 20% or so of theoretical training. During the course of the programme, trainees also perform non-profit work in order to give something back to their community.






Motor-vehicle mechanic

Hairdresser & cosmetologist

Environmental management




Financing management, career counselling and support

Social entrepreneurship

Motorcycling/driving lessons


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