Running with celebrities for a worthy cause – with this motto, a charity run was held on Saturday, 22 October 2016 around the primary and secondary school in Eckersdorf, Germany.
3,000 euros in donations generated by the runners will benefit Sauti Kuu.

The initiator of the sports event was marathon-runner Asha Noppeney, who at the age of seven lost a leg and is setting standards today with her dedication to sports. It was a point of honour for the Uganda native to run in the marathon herself. The same was true for Dr. Auma Obama, who was also full of enthusiasm and among the starters who braved the weather.

10 euros for each lap run

The route led around the grounds of the school in Eckersdorf. For children entering the charity run, laps were set at between 300 and 500 metres. Adults could choose between a length of two or five kilometres. Donations by participants or their sponsors were based on the number of laps completed. A highlight of the race was provided by Lena Gasanova, who ran the distance barefoot and with a hula hoop and even set a record for her feat!