Finally on the 1st of Februar 2013 the Sauti Kuu Foundatin and the company REHAU were able to inaugurate the pilot biogas system, Homegas 0.2. This although the filling of the system with cow dung (to create gas) had only been completed six days before. Luckily in that time enough gas had been created so that the guest at the inauguration ceremony were able to see the stove light up with a bright red and blue flame as the system was tested.

Everyone was very curious about the system and many question were asked, that were promptly answered by the Sauti Kuu young people involved in the project. The same young people presented the project and explained how the biogas system worked and was maintained.

Over the 2 year period of the project and after a challenging test run with the Homegas 01, a total of four functionable biogas systems (Homegas 02) were finally installed; two in the homes of Sauti Kuu youth, one at the local primary school, and one at the Banda, the Sauti Kuu Program site.

In total more than 80 Sauti Kuu young people, their parents and community members were present at the inauguration. It was a great event and everyone was very proud of the performance of the Sauti Kuu youth!

A special ‘Thank you’ goes to all who participated in the project and worked extra hard to make it a success.