Sauti Kuu – Kiswahili for ‘Strong Voices’ – is a foundation that seeks to provide an outlook for the future to children around the world.

Through our work in Kenya and Germany, we work with children and adolescents in an attempt to find ways and create structures that will help them become self-reliant – mentally, socially and financially.


Personality Development

Through personality training, educational workshops, sports and creative activities such as dance, music and theatre, Sauti Kuu fosters the development of personal and social communication and leadership skills, strengthens young people’s self-confidence and self-esteem and helps them build motivation and perseverance.

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Sauti Kuu supports young people through tutoring, school sponsorship, vocational-training projects and career guidance on their way into working life. Programme participants are young people from very poor backgrounds. With the aid of sponsors, Sauti Kuu awards scholarships that allow these young people to attend secondary school and earn school-leaving qualifications.

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One of the core missions of Sauti Kuu is to promote sustainable economic development in the rural region of Kenya. Farming families learn to improve their financial situation and to become economically independent. The programme addresses money-management skills and conveys knowledge about environment-conscious cultivation techniques, and livestock breeding and water management.

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