The solar system has arrived unharmed in Alego / Kenya. Now the installation, with the aid of efficient helpers, can be started. Auma Obama is self-evident on the ground in order to support actively in the construction. The picture shows the arrival of the solar system and Auma Obama when opening the truck.

The Transporters did a good Job. The Solar Panels arrived in Alego/Kenya safe. At the end of the first day, the batteries and consumers are installed.

Thanks to Peter Heidecker and Chorus GmbH. He sponsored the Solar System for sauti kuu. Sabine Altmann from greenvesting spent a lot of Time in organizing the Transport from Germany to Kenya. She is a very important partner to us. Thanks to Sabine Altmann and her Hausband for helping with the Installation.

At the end of the third day, everyone was happy about the first solar panels installed. The first step for a sustainable power and energy supply, in the sports and resource center of the Auma Obama Sauti Kuu Foundation, has been done.