Helping people help themselves: that is the motto of the worldwide foundation of Dr. Auma Obama. Young people need to be taken by the hand and accompanied for a bit as they begin their independent occupational lives. To identify and encourage their potential, to build up their self-esteem, and to give them hope – that is our goal. And to reach this goal, we need you and your donation!

Charm-Angels from Kenya make dreams come true


With this special project, donors and supporters can help Sauti Kuu with the completion of the sports and resource center in Alego. For a donation of at least 10,00€ you will receive a small Kenyan Christmas angel, which also can be a wonderful gift for a friend. The angels are handmade out of wood and straw.

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Stone by stone for a better future


Donors and supporters of Sauti Kuu can now literally be part of our new sports and training center in Alego!

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