Alego, Kenya


I. The background

With the construction of the Children’s, Sport and Vocational Centre in Alego Nyang’oma, the Sauti Kuu Foundation seeks to add to the offers it already has in place and make an even more systematic effort to reach the younger children and adolescents from Siaya County and the neighbouring counties.

The town of Alego Nyang’oma, in Siaya County, is located in western Kenya, near the port city of Kisumu on Lake Victoria. There has been no such facility to date here, where the roots of the Obama family lie.

II. The Vocational Centre

The ground floor

A ramp leads to the ground floor and the reception area of the building. The first open room serves as a commons and dining space. We have integrated benches along the interior walls here. This way, children can get their meal from the counter and then take their place in the shaded, open space. There are two separate rooms located on the ground floor as well: the group room and workshop. So this area spans two storeys.

The 1st floor

A staircase that runs along the wall leads to up the 1st floor. This level houses the computer room and the library, which for structural reasons is located directly above the other rooms. The platform offers a view down into the commons space. This creates splendid vistas, and although the centre is open and vibrant, the individual rooms can be closed, which is also a helpful feature for reasons of acoustics.

The façade

We have used bamboo poles in some places along the surrounding outer wall. This permits good ventilation, security, and light. It keeps users of the building from feeling closed-in. As the elevation illustrates, this also visually breaks up the façade while making the building look lighter.

The outdoor space

Alongside the entrance area, we have also included enough space for gardening and planting. We have also planned a water tower in the entrance area, as well as a solar system that can be installed by means of rooftop panels.


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